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Workers' Compensation is a federal insurance program that takes care of the medical treatment and bills when you are injured or became ill on the job. Once you have filed a claim, the facts will be investigated, and if the insurance company agrees, you will receive compensation and medical benefits. It sounds simple, but these claims can be quite complex.

Having a knowledgeable, experienced Hanford workers' compensation attorney can help you avoid pitfalls and ensure you receive all the benefits you deserve. At the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser in Hanford, Attorney Leiser dedicates his practice 100% to workers' compensation claims. Our legal team's extensive skills in this area of law are what make us a strong and effective advocate for your rights.

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When should I make a workers' comp claim?

You may be fortunate and only receive a minor injury that does not require extensive medical treatment, which heals quickly and does not stop you from working, or only has you missing a few days of work. If you sustain a more serious injury or illness, however, you may be facing:

​The types of injuries and/or illnesses covered by workers' compensation insurance generally fall into a few categories: isolated accidents; injuries that endure for a long time; illnesses associated with stress on the job; exposure to elements on the job causing disease or sickness; or pre-existing conditions that are exasperated by activities on the job.

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The most important factor when you are injured on the job is that you receive proper and adequate treatment that restores your health completely or as much as possible. The workers' compensation process can be very challenging when needing to comply with the regulations, documentation and deadlines the insurance company requires.

We know how stressful and painful this experience may be for you, and with our help, you can gain the confidence and relative peace of mind you need to concentrate on getting your health back while we attend to the details. Contact our firm right away to get questions answered or to start the process.

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