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It is an employer's responsibility to provide workers' compensation insurance for employees. If you are injured or become ill on the job, your employer must adhere to its obligations in association with this insurance. The workers' compensation process is the system where you, an injured employee, can receive medical care and benefits, and it must be followed carefully in order to receive them as well as protect your rights.

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Our firm, the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser in Madera, has over 35 years of experience handling workers' compensation claims, and we work 100% with this area of law. Our experience and knowledge gives you a distinct advantage and a good reason to hire us to help you. Workers' compensation claims can become complex and require persistence and a dedication to detail and deadlines. Trying to handle these issues while suffering physical and emotional pain can be very overwhelming. That's where we come in.

How To Make A Worker's Comp Claim

There are many aspects to consider when you are injured on the job. First, it does not matter whether anyone was negligent and thereby causing the injury. Workers' compensation insurance pays the medical bills and other benefits regardless of blame. You, however, must prove that the injury happened while on the job.

The insurance company will conduct its own investigation into the facts and medical treatment. It's possible the insurance company could deny your claim based, for example, on a dispute about the facts or a disagreement regarding your doctor's treatment recommendations. A denial can, however, be appealed in many cases. A qualified workers' compensation attorney in Madera will know how to best strategize an appeal so that you can get the proper medical treatment you deserve.

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Our attorney and legal staff provide personalized representation for every client. We know how to deal effectively with insurance companies as well as deliver proper documentation in compliance with deadlines. Trying to navigate the complex workers' compensation regulations on your own could result in your not obtaining the treatment or compensation you should receive.

When you contact our firm, you can schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and learn your options. We are here to provide support and solid legal guidance so you can get the benefits you deserve. Call today.

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