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Do you know how to properly handle a workers' compensation claim?

Most employers are required to protect their employees with workers' compensation insurance. When you are injured or become ill due to a workplace accident or unhealthy condition, you can be eligible for coverage for medical bills and other benefits. You must file a claim with the insurance company through your employer to start the workers' compensation process.

This can be complicated, and if you want to be sure you receive the full benefits you deserve, you should consult with a Sanger workers' compensation attorney to help you. The Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser has decades of experience in successfully handling work-related injury claims. You want to be sure that it's done right, or you may find yourself not being fully covered.

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What To Do After A Work Injury

If you are injured on the job, the first action is to inform your supervisor of what occurred if possible and get medical treatment right away. You will need to file a claim with the insurance company within one year of the incident. If the company approves your claim, they will cover your medical bills, possibly including any rehabilitation you undergo and lost wages.

You may be eligible for temporary disability or permanent disability benefits as well. Your treating doctor will be instrumental in verifying what treatment you need and for how long. A critical way in which we can help is making sure your doctor has your best interests in mind and is not biased in favor of the insurance company. Some doctors will attempt to release you from treatment before you are really ready.

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Our attorney and staff can answer all your questions regarding your workers' compensation claim. We take the complexities of the process off your shoulders so you can concentrate on recovery. It's also possible that the insurance company may deny your claim, and depending on the circumstances, we could file an appeal. No matter what the situation is, our goal is to pursue the maximum allowable compensation possible. We know what your employees' rights are and aggressively work to protect them. Find out how we can help you by contacting us as soon as possible.

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