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When you are injured at work or become ill due to conditions related to the workplace, you can file a workers' compensation claim in order to have any medical bills covered by the insurance as well as any wage losses. That does not mean, however, that your claim is automatically accepted. Even if it is, the workers' compensation process can be complicated.

At the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser in Selma, we represent individuals who have suffered physical or mental harm due to work-related conditions and need help receiving the compensation they deserve to defray medical costs and possible wage losses. We only handle workers' compensation cases, and decades of this experience makes our firm highly qualified to help anyone, from simple to very complex claims.

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Why would my workers' comp claim be denied?

A frequent reason for a denial of workers' compensation is that the incident wasn't reported to the supervisor within 30 days and/or it was filed with the insurance company too late. Additionally, it could be denied because the company you work for feels your injury was not work related. It's also possible that the insurance company does not allow your particular type of injury or illness. For example, claims of stress related to work are sometimes not covered. Your employer may also feel that your injury does not warrant a claim because it's not serious enough.

Any of these and other reasons for denials could take a different turn if you retain the help of a qualified Selma workers' compensation attorney. You, the claimant, basically have the burden to prove your claim, and we know what is required to do that.

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A serious injury or illness related to work could have a devastating effect on your future. The insurance company will generally do all it can to minimize how much it pays to an injured worker. This can mean that necessary treatment may be cut short, or less effective treatment is approved, which slows or halts a recovery that would otherwise be accomplished with better treatment.

You do have rights as an employee, and your employer also has responsibilities. Our representation protects your rights and seeks to make sure you receive the best compensation settlement possible for your injury. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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