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My Workers' Compensation Claim Was Denied- Now What?

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denied workers' compensation claim

The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board exercises judicial powers granted to it under the Labor Code. It provides guidance to individuals who have had their claims for benefits offered under workers' compensation denied. Keep in mind that denials are fairly common occurrences, but that does not mean you should lose hope.

Many individuals are also successful in appealing their denials and successfully recovering financial benefits that they need and deserve when properly represented. Speak with our Fresno workers' compensation lawyer today

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Why Was My Workers' Compensation Claim Denied?

There are multiple reasons your claim may have been denied:

  • If you missed any deadlines for filing your claim
  • If there is some doubt about whether or not your injuries were caused at work
  • If your injuries are not covered by California workers' compensation laws
  • If you did not file your claim until after you had left or been fired from your job

If you believe your claim has been wrongfully denied, contact the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser today to discuss your claim and what we can do to help!

What is the Workers' Comp Appeals Process?

If the insurance company has denied your workers' compensation application for benefits or has denied your request for surgery, the reason for the denial will affect the pursuit of an appeal.

  • You can seek another opinion from other doctors within you network if you are denied benefits based on the doctor's analysis.
  • You can appeal to the California Division of Workers' Compensation if you have still been denied compensation.
  • If you are in disagreement with the amount of compensation you are allowed to receive, you can appeal to the California Department of Industrial Relations. During this formal hearing, you will have one last opportunity to challenge the result.

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Appealing a claim for workers' compensation is a complex process. At the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser, we are devoted to helping our clients navigate each step of the appeals process. We have a high level of knowledge related to workers' compensation and appeals.

With more than 35 years of combined experience, you can rely on our legal team to see your case through to completion. Our goal is to help you secure benefits and make it through this challenging time in your life. Meet with our firm today during a free case evaluation to learn more about what can be done about your claim's denial, or if workers' comp denied your surgery. Contact us today!