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How To Get Workers' Comp For A Temporary Disability

Temporary disabilities are the benefits given to injured workers who are unable to perform their duties because they are recovering from a work-related injury. Some of the common types of temporary disabilities are spinal cord injuries and back injuries. You might be entitled to workers' compensation benefits up until the point when you return to work or until your condition has reached complete recovery. It is advisable to obtain the legal counsel of our the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser.

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In order to obtain benefits for temporary disabilities, you will need to present valid medical documentation of the current status of your disability. Claims for temporary or permanent impairment may be difficult to file. Your claim may even be denied without proper representation.

After being absent from work for four days as the result of a temporary disability, you may be eligible to begin receiving benefits. The amount to which you will be compensated will be at a rate of two-thirds of your usual wages. California law now places a cap of two years on the benefits that you can receive for temporary disability.

What is Workers' Comp Temporary Total Disability?

Temporary total disability (TTD) implies that the injured worker is unable to return to their duties (or even lighter or reduced duties) until they have recovered from their injuries.

What is Workers' Comp Temporary Partial Disability?

Temporary partial disability (TPD) assumes that the worker is able to return to reduced or lighter duties, but is unable to resume the duties they had prior to their injury until they have fully recovered.

Have you suffered a temporary injury or illness?

As an injured worker in California, you have every right to just compensation for workplace injuries or illnesses. Our firm has served clients throughout Fresno, California for many years and strives to help them achieve the best outcomes possible. We have more than 35 years of combined experience and can help you fill out the necessary forms to obtain the benefits you need. You may qualify for temporary partial benefits even if you perform some work while you are recovering. Discuss your circumstances with us during a free case evaluation to learn what action you should take. Contact us today!