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Burned in an accident at work? File a worker's comp claim!

At the Law Offices of Bryan K. Leiser, we are focused strictly upon workers' compensation cases. We are very well-versed in workers' comp procedures and how to get a claim approved, and we are dedicated and committed to seeking justice for workers who have suffered serious burns. Let our knowledgeable Fresno workers' comp attorney put our experience to work for you.

What type of burn do you have?

Burns can be among the most painful work-related injuries to endure. They are classified according to severity from first to third degree.

  • A first degree burn occurs when only the outer layer of skin is injured.
  • A second degree burn affects the first 2 layers of skin.
  • Third degree burns damage all layers of the skin and the nerve endings. A burn this severe can cause dense scarring and the need for skin grafting.

Even less serious, first degree burns can be very painful, with the possibility of infection. If you have suffered a burn injury on the job, you are entitled to seek workers' compensation benefits.

How Workers Commonly Incur Burns

Despite OSHA standards, a significant number of burn injuries occur in the work place. Fires and explosions result in fatalities and injuries.

There are 3 different types of burns involving electricity.

  • Electrical burns, among the most serious injuries, are caused by a flow of electric current running through the body.
  • Thermal contact burns result from direct contact with equipment that is overheated, or when clothing is set on fire in an incident involving electricity.
  • Arc or flash burns are caused by high temperatures near the body from an electric arc or explosion.

At our Fresno workers' compensation law firm, we handle workers' comp claims for burns and other types of injuries. We offer a free evaluation of your case.

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The workers' comp benefits you may be entitled to receive for a burn injury will depend on your particular circumstances. Benefit amounts vary from case to case. The 4 general categories of workers' compensation benefits available are:

  • medical benefits
  • disability benefits
  • supplemental job displacement benefits
  • death benefits.

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